Specialized Solutions for Shopify Brands!

The Sticky Cart and Quick Buy Button features are the top choices for swiftly growing Shopify stores aiming to reduce cart abandonment, amplify sales, and deliver an outstanding customer experience

Sticky Cart Enhance Feature

Diminish cart abandonment by ensuring a readily available way that leads your customers to the checkout, irrespective of their position within your store

Diminish Cart Abandonment

Get your customers to checkout faster with easy cart access throughout your store

Increase Sales

Boost revenue through in-cart upsell offers integrated into the Ajax cart, presenting customers with additional product choice

Enhance Conversion

Improve Conversion by 5-10% by ensuring that the checking out process is simple & easy for users.

Sticky Cart Enhance Feature

Reduce cart abandonment by providing an accessible checkout way storewide


Floating Bar

Floating bar is a persistent buy button that remains visible as shoppers scroll or swipe down web pages. It allows easy and convenient access to make purchases without having to scroll back up.

Quick Buy Button

Quick Buy Button is a convenient feature that allows shoppers to make direct purchases on the homepage and collection pages, eliminating the need to navigate to individual product pages for buying.

Cart Slider

Cart Slider is an interactive cart drawer that enhances user experience by providing upsell recommendations and allowing shoppers to easily view and reserve items in their cart while continuing to browse.

Sticky Checkout Bar/Button

Sticky Checkout Bar/Button is a fixed element that remains visible on the cart page, ensuring easy access to the checkout process with a persistent checkout button for a streamlined and convenient shopping experience.